possible to connect Vonage via access point? Long Story HELP

ok im new to this wireless networking game, but im never short of ideas. Heres my story. I was living on the second floor in my house. I subscribed to Cable modem and then naturally VoIP (vonage). Recently i moved to the basement(same building) , put a T in the cable lines( so i get the same signal from upstairs to downstairs). Now heres the tricky part. I connected in the basement cable tv and cable modem, but i need to have Vonage back upstairs. I want to go somehow wireless becasue i dont want to run wires on the outside of the building . Is is possible to connect to Vonage box via something to the wireless signal from my wireless router? from what i red i thought its possible to do it via access point, but when i ordered everything, it looks like you need another PC upstairs in order to work like that, am i right? is there anything else out on the market that will allow me to do such connection without another PC? Help is greatly appriciated.
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  1. Is the wireless phone good enough to reach up stairs?

    My Uniden has a range close to 1000'. My house + any neighbors I visit.
  2. yes it has, but the problem is charging it. I dont want parents to come down stairs every night to put it in charger and then in the morning to pick it up ...my solely last idea is to get the phone with extra base/charger , and keep the main unit (answering machine/charger) downstairs and the extra base upstairs, but im hoping not to use this plan
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