R600 is *not* 65nm and *not* G80 killer

According to Fudo Abazovic LINK

So we have the Inquirer proclaiming that ALL R600s will be 65nm and now we have a former Inquirer reporter saying the exact opposite. WTF!
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  1. Yah! Imagine that. Way to keep the FUD alive.
  2. I knew it (as well as many others in here). 65nm will take a near top-to-bottom rearchitecture. One that AMD has neither the time, resources or patience to endeavor for this release.

    Would of been cool if it was true though... I'm sick of constantly having to upgrade my PSU for every GPU.
  3. The geometry shader unit in even the earlier prototype R600's is more powerful than the G80's geometry shader unit. And keep in mind your source is Fudo himself. Now, the R600 not being 65nm doesn't really surprise me.
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