Upgrade from a GeForce FX5200 question

My Dell has a GeForce FX5200 128MB AGP-8X in it from the factory. I would like to upgrade but need some advice. My Dell has 3.00 GHZ pentium with 1GB of ram. I mainly use flight simulator and sometimes get less that 10fps !
Thanks in advance for tips on what to buy, I would like to stay around $200 or less.

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  1. The 7600GS is Adequate for what you want to do. It is AGP 8x/4x, 12 Pixel pipelines, and is power efficient enough to run on your dell pc.

    7600 GS:
  2. I concur with terror,purchase the 7600gs and you should have no problems.Goodluck.


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    2X EVGA 7950GT KO IN SLI
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  3. The problem with this is that Flight Simulator seems to be more CPU bound than video card bound... although an upgrade of the 5200 would be a great idea, believe me I've had one and it blows. You did mean FSX though... right?
  4. Quote:
    The problem with this is that Flight Simulator seems to be more CPU bound than video card bound...

  5. Thank you for the great advice. the 7600gs was one I was considering. I actually have not upgraded to FSX yet, not sure this old Dell can handle it. Still useing FS 2004.

  6. I have recently done the FX5200 to 7600GS upgrade.... and will never look back :)

    Both were Asus products... nothing fancy, just good old function. One of the factors I had was limited PSU of 250watt (in a Shuttle XPC) and the new card not only runs without a glitch... it is quieter!

    For the $$$ (I paid $179 CND) you wont go wrong.
  7. You said you budget was to $200... thats the price of an x1950pro agp. It has the power to play modern games and next-gen (at lower res), the 7600 on the other hand...
  8. He'd have to upgrade his PSU for an X1950pro. That's easier said than done, considering he's got a dell. I agree with the others here in recomending a 7600GS. Should be a good fit, and a nice upgrade for him.
  9. So is this the right forum to ask advice on a flat screen? 19 inch or bigger.

    Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm running FSX with the 7600GT with it set at 20fps. I've got AI aircraft and ground traffic set relatively high so get occasional slowdowns in and around major airports. Other than that, runs quite well. There are still quite a bit of fine tuning I can do. FSX was absolutely horrible with my old 5200 AGP. If you haven't checked them out, avsim forums has a pretty extensive and qualified list of both hardware and software tweeks for both FS9 and FSX.

    I know you said your budget was $200 but another gig of RAM in addition to a video card upgrade will also do you well.

    IMHO, FSX is great. I highly recommend the Deluxe version.
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