noob question, do i have to increase the voltage if i..

do i need to increase the vcore voltage for my cpu if i Oc? i change the multiplier to x12 making 3.200mhz on my qx6700, evrything looks ok i ran orthos+everest sterss test + seti@home with no issues and no overheating after 30 mins of test all them together also ran 3dmark06 without anything wierd.\
all ppl go OC with fsb, most of the times because they dont have unlocked multiplier correct? or im just a dumb noob ho does not know a thing.
i dont with to push the other system components soo, any advice would be most than welcome, anything plz :) ty all
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  1. thank you :o its seems that evreything is ok, im glad i dont have to mess with the fsb or voltage.
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