Cpu + Mobo and OCing. advice needed.

hey all,

im gettin my friend a new computer that has to be cheap. so i decided to get him this : GA-945GZM-S2 and the e6300. afterwards i noticed that the 945 only supports FSB 800, but the web said it can do 1066 with OCing. im unsure of wether just to scrap the e6300 for the e4300 or OC. my friend will do lots of photoshopping + flash works. Also i dont think he will want to hear that ive oced ( and voided warranty ) to oc. actually, i think the cpu will only run at 1.4Ghz if i dnt oc it? so e4300 fsb 800 or oc the e6300 back to orig speeds?

ill be pairing with 533ram
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  1. The E6300 runs stock with a 266MHz FSBx2 for 533MHz or PC3200.
    To run CPU bus with memory at a 1:1 ratio, overclocking to 400x2=800MHz would result in a 50% overclock, which is what I am doing with my E6600 using an 8x multiplier.
  2. nup ...

    thats why..i dunno waht to do..

    ether i step down or void his warranty..
  3. thanks richpls but i already knew that..

    the problem is.. since the cpu should be running at 1.86(1066), and if i pair it up with the mobo, it will run at 1.4(800FSB). so, if i take it back up to the 1066 will it still reg as i oced it?
  4. With the FG BIOS it has an option to set 1066Mhz FSB in the BIOS.

    Still, I would go with the e4300 and overclock it (moderately) up to 266Mhz FSB. That's not too much of an OC and shouldn't cause any problems.

    There don't seem to be any applications where 4MB cache gives anything beyond a negligible performance increase over 2MB cache. (Suggesting that an e4300 is a better choice than a 6320)
  5. Well, the way I see it, your not OC'ing the E6300, but the MB chipset to run it at it's stock speed, which really should not void the CPU warranty.

    I suppose if you get the E4300, you'd use the E6300 for another project or send that back?
  6. Oh, forgot to mention earlier: go with 667 RAM as it will run at 533 no prob. and you can get it for under $50 per 1GB stick. (Cheaper than most 533 RAM :P )

    Micro Center has Kingston 667 DDR2 1GB for $47 A.R. and I saw somebody mention that Fry's had the same in a 2x 1GB (2GB Kit) for $89.
  7. k thx all...

    but that was .. 1month ago ?! :lol: :lol:

    i ended up with e4300 anyways along with 667 ram =D

    thanks anyway !!!

  8. Have you OC-ed it yet?
    If yes, post some results here, so we can know how well 4300 can OC on a G945 board
  9. sorry man i built it for a friend so i ddnt wanna tamper with his warranty and stuff. but hey! im biuldin a e6600 rig and ill post new stuff =D so far ive built 4 rigs wooo ^^ >happy man<

    oh oh and i got my g15 today muahahahah :twisted:

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