R600 in April? Unofficial Benchmark in 3D Mark.


Rumors surfaced over at CeBIT that the final product may be on 65nm if it can be produced in time with reasonable good yield. So far we have yet to get a confirmation that the first shipping R600 cards will be on 65nm but we can't rule out that there are experimental R600 chips at 65nm now. If our source is right, the yield at 65nm is poor at this point of time and expect a limited quantity of 20,000 pieces of R600XTX by middle of April.

Next, we got hold of some preliminary benchmarks figures of the R600 XTX card with core clock at 800MHz vs a GeForce 8800 GTX card. Using a Core 2 Extreme 2.93GHz processor on an Intel 975X board, the 3DMark06 score at 1600x1200 resolution is 97xx on the R600XTX compared to 95xx on the 8800GTX.

What do you guys think? Too little too late?

Nvidia I guess will be releasing a 8900GTX to counter X2900 XTX?
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  1. already posted, if its about R600 post it in the graphic card section and not the cpu section.
  2. Nope it doesnt. I heard the original version looked like a Jonesrod though
  3. Quote:
    8O 8O that doesnt look like a cpu 8O 8O

    probably because it's a GPU :lol:
  4. Quote:
    8O 8O that doesnt look like a cpu 8O 8O

    probably because it's a GPU :lol:

    lol I think he was just commenting on the fact that it's posted in the CPU forum.
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