E4300 stable 3.0GHz build. Need help with mobo and ram

I'm building a new computer and I almost have it finalized. I thought I knew what I wanted but then I started reading the OC forums and got really confused.

Say you want an E4300 running stable at 3.0 GHz. You want the motherboard to have 2 x PCIe x16 support SLI @ x16, x16. I thought I also wanted to be able to upgrade to quad core in the future...but now I'm not so sure that's important. It seems like this will be fast enough for a while and when I'm ready to upgrade the jump is going to be bigger than just going quad core. Now the ram has me really confused. I want 2 GB and I think I need DDR2 667 but I have no idea on the timings.

Please recommend a ram and motherboard combo from Newegg to run 3.0 GHz stable at what I call an 'efficient' price point. Doesn't need to be absolute cheapest but doesn't need lots of extras on it either...

I plan on putting it in something like a Windtunnel case, so it will have good air flow. Main purpose is a game machine and it will start with a GeForce 8800 320 in it.

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  1. DDR2 667 will get you 3GHz, though if DDR2 800 isn't much more expensive you may as well get that. As for timings, lower the better. Don't waste big money on super-tight RAM though, it won't make a huge difference. Corsair, Mushkin, Team Group, OCZ, Kingston, Patriot, Geil, G.Skill are all pretty good. (edit: something like this )

    If you want SLi 16/16 you need a 680i. But is 16/16 SLi all that important? Especially with a GTS 320, you probably shouldn't get the 320 version if you intend on SLi, the 640 would get a lot more benefit out of having a buddy.

    Anyway if you really want SLi, look at the EVGA 680i T1 revision. Or for non-SLi there's the drastically cheaper Gigabyte 965P DS3. Both are renown overclockers.
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