Opteron and Abit KN8 Ultra

Anybody been able to run an Opteron DC socket 939 on this board ? I am looking to upgrade and on abit 's site it says nothing about opteron compatibility. Thx for the help !
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  1. I was using an operton 175 in this board until a week ago. I assume you intend to overclock so I'll tell you no matter what I tried I could not get it past (225x11). I purchased a DFI lanparty board and now I'm running at 245x11 with no problems and without too much effort and soon I'll probably try to push it a bit further. Believe it or not before I even overclocked on this board I had been playing some games and they were noticibly a bit smoother.
  2. Thx for the response. Did you update the bios or somethin like that to get it to work ? And did the bios report the cpu correctly ? I am askin 'cause I wouldn't wanna buy a cpu only to find out it don't work with my mobo and like I said on abit site it says it is compatible with A64, sempron A64x2 and A64FX but absolutely no mention about opterons.

    You say gaming was smoother on the DFI than the Abit ? Is the board the only thing you swapped ?
  3. Only thing I changed was the board. I'm not exactly sure what the cause is but my FPS in games on the abit board was a bit 'jumpy', as in it wasn't very consistant. After getting the dfi board going my FPS is games is much more consistant and more enjoyable.
    I was using the newest bios, I also used a modded bios for extra ram dividers.

    'officially' opterons are not compatible with desktop boards, they're intended for servers. unofficially they work fine and the opty 165-180 are identical to the x2's (the optys just have higher testing standards from what I understand).
  4. Mine did not need a bios update and it was worth every penny.
  5. Are you talkin about the Abit or DFI ?
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