USB-powered external portable HD's ?


I have several WD external HDs, which are great but all require AC adaptor.

I'm now looking to get a car stereo which can handle a USB harddrive for mp3 playback (I've over 100GB's worth, and rising !)

This means I'd have my entire music collection available to play in the car, without faffing around with CDs, dvds etc.

What 's the current situation with these drives - would there be ones suitable for my task ?


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  1. *Dont know if this will work but its an interesting idea to think about*

    I would suggest checking out the WesternDigital Passport External drives. Depending on the power output of the USB port on your car stereo head unit the drive might not need to be plugged into a power source at all.

    The drives go up to 160GB

    Newegg has the 160GB for $141, the 120GB for $95
  2. Yes their are usb powered drives out there, they are a bit more expensive since they use 2.5 and 1.8 drives.
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