Asus P5B Deluxe PCI Express Dual Cards Conflict ?

I installed a 8800GTS in the PCI-E #1 slot, and a 7300GS in the PCI-E #2. The 8800 works great with 2 monitors, the GS is for a third and it just shows as a ? OTHER DEVICES - ? Video Controller (VGA Compatible) problem in Device Manager.

Loading the drivers from the install disk recognizes it as a 7300GS, starts to load the drivers, but fails at reboot. Any idea how to get the MB to share these cards?
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  1. he's not trying to SLI them, he just wants to run the two cards indepedantly in the slots. Isn't that possible? I thought it was
  2. Yeah, that second PCIE slot is there for something, not SLI I know, and I just want a 3rd monitor to run 1 more view with Flight Sim or a work space for Photoshop.
  3. Is it possible that running the 7300 driver setup is messing up the 8800 install since both are nVidia cards?

    Perhaps you should try manually installing the drivers through device manager. Right click on the "?" device, select "Update Driver", select "No not this time" select, "Let me chose which driver to install" and point it to the driver manually.
  4. After some Googling, I have found that you cannot mix DX10 and DX9 cards in XP, but you can in Vista. Which OS are you using? Here are some good links:

    8800GTS and 7600GT on same mobo?, Non-SLI setup for 3 monitors

    Full Resolutin Triple Display Gaming Computer
  5. Page 2-20 of the P5B Deluxe manual says you can run two video cards independantly

    For the second PCIe slot (called the universal PCI Express slot in the manual and it is black - the first slot is called the primary slot and it is blue), try setting the BIOS setting at x4 mode and see if it fixes your problem. If not, then try x2 mode
    This setting is explained in page 4-23 (South Bridge BIOS setup)

    There is also a 1x PCI-e slot on the board. If all above fails, try that slot.
  6. I'm running XP. I tried the diffrent speed settings from the South Bridge with the same results. It sees the 7300, runs the driver install and at the end tells me there was a problem installing them. There is only 2 Express slots on this MB btw.
  7. Quote:
    I'm running XP. I tried the diffrent speed settings from the South Bridge with the same results. It sees the 7300, runs the driver install and at the end tells me there was a problem installing them. There is only 2 Express slots on this MB btw.

    There are 3 PCI-E slots on this mobo, see page "xi" of the manual:
    -Two PCI-E 16x (primary and universal)
    -One PCI-E 1x

    Do you have the manual? You can identify the 3rd PCI-E by looking at the motherboard layout on page 2-3

    Put your 7300 in the PCI-E 1x and see if the problem is fixed.
    The 7300 isn't a high-end card and the 1x shouldn't be a bottleneck issue for it. Anyways, at this point we're just troubleshooting, not trying to obtain maxium performance

    You can also tell if it's a driver problem. Remove your primary card from the primary PCI-E 16x slot, leave the 7300 in the PCI-E 1x. Connect your monitor to the 7300 and see if you boot to windows.

    What driver version do you have for Nvidia?
    What BIOS version do you have ?
  8. The newest BIOS and I have tried just the 7300 in the Blue slot, which works fine. They just dont like each being in at the same time. And although these are my first PCIE cards, I just don't see how it would fit in the PCI-E 1x slot. It's like an inch wide.
  9. Yeah I just looked at the diagram and saw that this 3rd PCI-E is a special slot, sorry about that.

    The like said above, it might be a dx10 vs dx9 thing. Did you try installing the latest nVidia drivers?
  10. This is a new build so the drivers for the cards at least were all the latest Forceware. Really don't know what to do at this point other than return the 7300.
  11. i've got an asus board with the possibility of running upto 4 independant graphics cards, or sli. not the same board as yours but the principal should be the same. keep trying! i had some problems with running 3 displays to start with and now i've got it sorted it's awesome.

    what i did was save my best card to run just the primary display (not wasting any of the juice!) and my secondary card to run the 2nd n 3rd displays.

    1. get the latest drivers.

    2. go into the device manager and uninstall both graphics cards, i'd turn the screen size down to 800 x 600 for the moment if i were you, restart the computer, cancel any windows installing devices crap, run the driver installs and restart again.

    keep trying you'll get there in the end.

    or buy another 8800 and run sli.

    oh and when u say it fails at reboot does it actually fail or can u just not see anything
  12. when i boot , i dont see anything.
  13. Hm I should have noticed this post sooner :D

    The issue is simple:

    The XP 8800 series drivers do not support the 7300

    The XP 6/7 series drivers do not support the 8800

    This means you'd need 2 sets of nVidia drivers on the system to use both cards, but that causes your reboot failures, two different nVidia driver versions will not play together.

    The solution is to use modded 8800 drivers with 7300 support.

    Try this link
  14. I had similar issues trying to get my 7900GT to work with my 8800GTX
  15. Yeah I got it to work with 8800 drivers with a modified .inf

    I don't *need* 3 or more displays, but I was just messing about and wanted to see how much of an affect PCIe x8 would have on the 8800, the easiest way to do this was to add another PCIe card to the other slot.

    I was just bored tbh :)
  16. Most cards don't even use the full AGP bandwith. 8800s might under right circumstances, but others won't.
  17. come on cak07, there is a high chance of conflict because of two reasons
    1) the two cards are different
    2) Asus P5B Deluxe supports crossfire not sli. if u had two ati cards, then there would have been some chance of compatibility.
    Tell me if i am wrong on this.
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