graphics card driver update?

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I recently upgraded one of our office computer to W2K and
now I can't find an appropriate driver for the
graphics card...What I have is a Diamond Stealth II S220
graphics card and I uploaded drivers from the
manufacturer, but they don't have a driver that is
supported by windows 2000, I tried updating to a driver
that was written for windows 98, which at least the
installer recognizes as a compatible file for the
card, but it then gives me the error message that none of
the files are compatible for W2K basically it
appears that my monitor is running in safe mode...any help
with some other drivers that would work?

Any ideas?
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.setup_upgrade (More info?)

    Hey Latecia,

    You can try the driver @

    I hope this helps. I found that link from -->
    5fcbc&p=50992#post50992 <-- a couple ppl stated it worked for them.

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