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I have all my parts in for my new build. I ordered Artic Silver thermal compound for my CPU and heatsink. I was going to order an after market heatsink but didn't after reading several threads on the subject (I'm not overclocking).

The factory heatsink that came with the E6600 CPU has a heatsink with the compound already applied.

Should I use it or scrape it off and use the Artic Silver?

If I should use the Artic Silver, what is the process? The tube doesn't have any directions.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If the compound is already applied, and you are not overclocking, leave well alone, and just fix the CPU in carefully to the mobo.

    Changing to an "Aftermarket Heatsink/Fan" is done when you need a big cooling drop to counteract overclocking, or if your system is running very hot.

    Changing to Arctic Silver is a small "tweak" to drop another few last degrees when you are seriously near the shutdown temp.

    Unless you are experienced, you are likely to do more damage than good by changing Thermal Paste. :?
  2. Quote:

    Unless you are experienced, you are likely to do more damage than good by changing Thermal Paste. :?

    like me =)
  3. The stock thermal compound on the Intel heatsinks actually performs better than AS.

    See this link (Bottom of Page)

    During our stress test the cooler ran at full speed, reaching a noise level of 46.3 dB(A), which still allowed work in a relaxed manner. What is interesting is the result for thermal resistance. The cooler reaches just 0.37 K/W with the heat-conducting paste supplied with it, which is applied to the cooler in a similar way to a heat-conducting pad. When conventional heat-conducting paste is used, the thermal resistance rises to 0.51 K/W! For this reason, we recommend that you use the accompanying heat-conducting paste. As noted above, the cooler is included in the items supplied with the "boxed" version Pentium 4 CPUs. It cannot be bought separately.

  4. not in my case, i use intel stock cooler and by replacing the stock TIM with AS-5, i had around 3c temp decrease..add to that the fact that its just been over a week since i applied HSF and AS-5 takes 200hours to completey "cure" and take full effect
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