How to check whats the maximum RAM supported?

I have PIII with 256 MB RAM PC133, now I had 2 more slots free so I got another 256 MB PC133 but somehow my system is not able to detect it.
1. It works if I just install 1 256 MB chip on any of 3 slots, so which makes sure that all 3 slots are working fine.
2. It works if I just install any of those 2 256 MB RAM chips on any of the slots. So which proves that both RAM's are also fine.
3. I also did windows diagnostic test to check that both memory sticks are good.

Now only thing which is left out is whether my motherboard supports more then 256 MB RAM...I believe yes because its not that old and it has 3 slots so I assume it should at least support 512....can you pls help me find a way to check this and how to troubleshoot.

Thanks in advance
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  1. If the slots are working and the sticks are working, then there may be an incompatibility issue between the sticks.

    This can happen sometimes when different makes of RAM are put together. :?

    Try Googling your Motherboard for its manual on the mfrs site, and read up on the RAM :)
  2. I second that response. This is a very common issue.
  3. Thirded, every motherboard I've seen has identical capacity in every RAM slot so you should be able to put at least 768 in it. The only logical issue is incompatibility between the sticks.
  4. Go and buy all sorts of RAM in different sizes and densities. Then try sticking all combinations on, first as much as you can stick on the mobo, then try it. If it works cool, if not start subtracting memory until you get it going. Then you can throw away the rest of the sticks, or just mail them to me! hehehe... (don't! that was a joke heh!?)
  5. As matter of fact both RAM stick are exactly same model from same company. I bought the first one a month back and then got the other one just 2 days its exactly same no difference...
    Any other clue guys?

    Ok an update I just checked my motherboard through Everest Home 2.2 version. I have "VIA VT82C693A Apollo Pro 133", this supports maximum of 768MB I am totally confused what could be the there any BIOS setting or jumper setting on motherboard?
  6. Some incompatibilities can occur if your ram has different clock speeds, be sure that the both rams support different clock speeds or just buy 2 of same rams with same clock speed. :hello:
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