Need Upcoming Intel Chip Release Info.

Hello all, can anyone provide me a list of the upcoming Intel chips? Name, type (how many cores) and expected release date?

I'm definitely building a new computer within the next 4 or 5 months (or a lot sooner), and was just wondering if I would have a better chip to choose from if I waited. I certainly can wait if some great chips are expected to be released from Intel soon.

I will be using my computer mostly for video editing and gaming.

I appreciate your time for reading this and any help you may provide me.

Thank you and please take care to all
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  1. The only things scheduled to come out in the near future are the reviseed core 2 duos with the 1333 fsb.

    There's a rumor of a new q6800 quad core to come late in q3 but so far it's just that, a rumor.

    All the really exciting new chips. the yorkfields and the wolfdales won't be coming to retail until 2008.
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