my Dell Inspiron Desktop 530 would not start. I need help with this. I've tried many options already, but ...
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  1. Did you have this incompetency problem when you were in your 90's?

  2. Hello KUKE1 and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums. Badge is older than he looks :D so don't worry about hiding your age.

    Can we have some more details, please? Is there any sign of life in your Inspiron at all? Do any lights show when you switch on or are there any sounds from within? Start with the fuse to the main electric supply and work you way round from there. If it's totally dead, do you have another computer you could borrow the power supply uniit from? If not, they aren't too expensive to buy.

  3. I have a computer repair business
    MANY Inspiron 530 come in with bad power supply
    light on PSU will be on
    push the power button and the motherboard light is on
    but no power to system

    go to ebay search "inspiron 530" and find a top rated seller
    try to get the upgraded 350w PSU
    they had two models of the 530 a Core2Duo and a Core2Quad
    and the PSU from the Core2Quad is the one you want

    if those symptoms are what is happening to you OP
    then it is definitly power supply
    cost about 30 USD on US Ebay
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