Upgrade from a Geforce 5700LE 256mb question

I have an ASUS A8V Deluxe MB .. DDR 400

Is the best card I can upgrade to witout changing MBs a geforce 6600 or 6800?

Or can I put a 7300, or 7600 in simple DDR mb?
I thought they're only for DDR2/DDR3 or PCI-E

yet I see someone below with a dell and a geforce 5200 was recommended to get the 7600.
(I don't have a dell but a custom Athlon 3500+ just upgraded to 4400+ x2)

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  1. Hey you can ugrade to any of these cards .

    It does not matter what kind of ram, your motherboard supports . DDR DDR2 etc

    All that matters is what slot is on the MB for the Gcard -AGP or Pci-e

    If your slot is AGP then you can look at this list of cards available on Newegg


    If you have any other queries regarding this just post it in this thread.

    Good luck :)
  2. DDR is the type of memory your computer uses, PC3200 and DDR400 are the same thing.
    DDR2 and DDR3 on a video card designate what type of memory the video card has, usually it is labeled GDDR2 or GDDR3.
    You will be able to use any 1.5 volt 8X AGP video card in that board.
    To use a PCI Express X16 video card you will have to upgrade your motherboard.
  3. Well it looks like your mb has an AGP slot (not 100%, just did a quick search) so the best card you can get for AGP is an ATi x1950 Pro. However i think i heard there was an XT version coming out soon too.
    That is as long as your PSU can handle it.
    It really depends on what games you play. It might be overkill, but then again it will last you a while if it is.
    What's the rest of your specs?
  4. Hey Fred welcome to the forums. :)

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  7. Hello and welcome.

    Here are 3 things to consider.

    1. Budget
    2. Current PSU
    3. Which Card

    AGP Cards in order of BadAssness

    ATI 1950PRO
    Nvidia 7800GS
    Nvidia 6800Ultra
    ATI X850XTPE

    Soon there will be a ATI1950XT that will be KING. You need to look at the recommended power and make sure your PSU will cut it. Here's a good deal over at newegg.


    Good Luck
  8. From best to worst in AGP, I'd say:

    1. X1950 PRO
    2. X1650 XT, 7600 GT, 7800 GS, X800 XT, X850 XT (all perform about the same)
    3. X800 XL, 6800 GT (also perform about the same)
  9. I am not a gamer just want superior Graphic performance.
    I' running my streaming quotes on brokerage - no biggie..
    Want to have small TV-in box in my Viewsonic VP201b (20" 1600x1200) or possibly an upgrade to dell 2407 (1920x1200)
    but then I also going on many Auctions sites and pages- with lets say 50 thumbnails and rapidly go back and forth between the thumbnails and full/larger size JPGs.
    That last part may be straining my short term Memory cache (160gb WD7200 8mb cache) more than my video Card? Or is that my vid card memory? or some other issue?

    1. Just purchased processor upgrade from AMD 3500+ to 4400+ Dual
    2. Just purchased 2gb of OCZ 2-3-2-5 to replace 1 gb value select.
    Don't really need the lower latency but for a few dollars LESS after rebate than Corsair value select it was an easy decision.... and my computer with sprawling Norton Internet Security is a memory HOG)
    3. Installed Thermaltake 430W true 2 mos ago ... which is very quiet and sure so far- and it was Cheap on Newegg. $39.

    So my Video card demands are not for DOOM or other mega-frame demands or refreshes.. Just higher than average for most users.
    Don't think?? I need 7900, or 7800 or even 7600.

    I want to keep it at around $100 or less as I will probaly replace this in about 1½ yrs.

    I had decided on the 7300 at 99 bucks but... two cards seemed to fit ..

    A Chaintech 6800 128mb which seems pretty Feeble Sounding but the specs:::

    0.13u process technology
    256-bit advanced memory interface
    256-bit graphics architecture
    325 MHz engine clock
    700 MHz memory clock
    400 MHz internal RAMDAC
    600 Million vertices/ sec
    6.4 Billion texels/ sec fill rate
    22.4 GB/sec memory bandwidth

    12 pipeline engine technology

    Seem to be even better than the 7300 GS

    0.09u process technology
    128-bit advanced memory interface
    256-bit graphics architecture
    350 MHz engine clock
    533~800MHz memory clock
    400 MHz internal RAMDAC
    350 Million vertices/ sec
    2.8 Billion pixels/ sec fill rate
    8.53~12.8 GB/sec memory bandwidth

    Full-speed 32-bit color precision
    64-bit floating point texture filtering and blending
    8 pixels per clock rendering engine
    8 texels per pixel with 6 textures applied per clock

    and ....seems better than a 7600GS on those specs

    4.8 Billion pixels/ sec fill rate
    4.26~6.4 GB/sec memory bandwidth


    So what am I missing?
    Am I reading something backwards? Where higher is worse than lower?
    The 6800 specs mention 'texels' ("??) instead of pixels?
    Is that the rub?

    The Newegg reviews are Much better on the 7300 than 6800 but spec-wise....
    I think despite the fact it's only a 6800 it will blow away all my minor problems on 256mb 5700LE.

    NYC, 3/23/07
  10. Hey if you don't game , then spending any kind of money is a waste.


    your old card or onboard video should be fine .

    your cpu will make a difference . If you want a Graphics Card with tv out , just pick a nice ati x1300 or 6 series nvidia.

    Anything more than that will be a MAJOR overkill 8)
  11. Agreed. If gaming is not your thing then a killer graphics card is a waste of money. Loading thumbnails isn't gpu demanding. Thats hard drive and cpu.
    A 6800 is better than a 7300 series, but you don't really need it if you don't game. I'd say go with an up to date, lower end card, like a 7600. That way it supports the latest technology etc.
  12. Most of the latest technology... not Dx10 of course.

    And also, you probably don't even need a 7600, a 7300 will do fine. But, in my opinion, judging by the prices, for the better performance/value the 7600gs is a better buy.

    If overall system speed is what you're after then have a look into the WD Raptors.
  13. Quote:
    Most of the latest technology... not Dx10 of course.

    And also, you probably don't even need a 7600, a 7300 will do fine. But, in my opinion, judging by the prices, for the better performance/value the 7600gs is a better buy.

    If overall system speed is what you're after then have a look into the WD Raptors.

    Well said FRED On a side note i would love to see a 7600 Dx10 implemented :lol: :lol: ROFL
  14. The ram you are talking about is graphics double data rate 2 or 3,and it resides on the video card itself.What kind of memory your pc uses is irrelevent,as you can use that video card as long as it has the same inteface as your motherboard.(AGP or PCI-E)Get the 7600gs as this is likely all you'll need.Unless of course you have an extra 100 bucks,then I would suggest the X1950 PRO AGP card.This is the fastest card on the market for AGP right now.Goodluck.


    AMD X2-4400+@2.6 S-939
    2X EVGA 7950GT KO IN SLI
    WD300GIG HD
    3DMARK05 13,471
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