Incorrect temp readings from a Gigabyte 945P-S3 MB

Hello all...
I've just upgraded my system from a P4 3.2 to a Core 2 Duo 6400 processor. Everything seems to be running smoothly except when going into the BIOS, the health setting tells me that the processor is running at 48 degrees C 10 seconds after a cold boot then 77 degrees C after 15 minutes at idle. I know the processor isn't running that hot because the heatsink/fan is still cool to touch and is securely attached to the processor with the thermal paste applied correctly. The strange thing is that if I go back to the P4 3.2, it now says that it is running at 25 degrees C at boot and 54 degrees C after 15 minutes. I'm running a Gigabyte 945P-S3 motherboard and after talking to the distributor, they suggested flashing the BIOS with the latest version.
Before I go to that step, has anyone experienced this problem before and how do you fix it? :?: :?: :?:
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  1. i had the same motherboard with the Pentium D915 processor and i haven't got any problems with the readings.

    Flash the Bios and tell us after ;)
  2. Thanks for the reply. I checked the current BIOS version - F2 on a revision 1.0 MB. I downloaded the latest BIOS from Gigabyte which was F4. One interesting thing was I noticed in version F3 that it appeared that a CPUid bug had been fixed, this got me excited thinking that was the problem all along. Anyway, the BIOS update did nothing - temp still hovering around 76 degrees C after 10 minutes. I bit the bullet and removed the heastsink/fan unit, thoroughly cleaned the chip and heatsink, re-applied the compound according to the instructions and re-booted. Same again!!! :x :x
    Out of frustration, I put my old P4 3.2 back in again and its happily sitting on 59 degrees C.
    I'm running out of ideas here - from what I've been told, there are 3 temp sensors on the Core 2 Duo so maybe there is an issue with how this particular motherboard reads the temperature data coming from the CPU. The thing that concerns me the most is if the MB thinks the processor is running way too hot, it is going to ramp up the CPU fan flat out continuously, which apart from extra noise, will shorten the lifespan of the fan.

    Help..... :cry:
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