CompuTronix: swapped out that CPU...

Remember me? Had the weird E6400 coupled with a Zalman S9500 and was getting TAT readings from 55-60 Idle, ~70 load?

Well, couldn't find anything wrong with the CPU directly, ran relatively stable all things considering etc, but I decided to risk the 20% "diagnostic/restocking fee" and send it back for a replacement.

I also replaced my S9500 with another one at CompUSA, and found out that there was a revision! The original S9500 had a non-shiny 2-piece bottom plate. The replacement S9500 has a shiny 3-piece bottom plate.

Anyway, slapped the new CPU and new S9500 in, and now I'm getting TAT readings of 33C Idle, climbing to ~45C under load. I. Am. Happy.

Now... time to overclock...

Thought you might find this useful. Unfortunetely since I swapped out both the CPU and Heatsink I'm not 100% sure which one was causing the problem, but I have a feeling it was a bit of both. My OEM told me they would test it for several days and would not replace it unless they were getting similar readings, and I got a new one, so it would seem they had similar trouble.

Thanks for the help,
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  1. That's great news, and you're very welcome...glad I could help. :D

    Take care, and enjoy your rig!

    Comp 8)
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