Gigabyte 965P-DS3P rev 2.0 HDD read/write problem

How do i get rid off write/read errors on my hdd ?

1. My bios is the last release : F4 ;

2. I did the firmware update for the Marvell Lan controller ;

3. I tried every posibile mode on the Sata yellow ICH8 Ports plus the other 2 purple ports , AHCI and IDE Mode , with or without LAN enabled , full format on HDD ;

4. Tried both XP SP2 & Vista clean install(yes i can install them with very little problems ) full format single NTFS partision & multi NTFS partisions - same errors (ex : Win Rar CRC errors , installer errors - all sorts of errors after install ;

5. No virus on hdd - full format several times no aplications installed except Winrar , LATEST DRIVERS for mobo , video & LAN
(after install off mobo drivers blue scren at boot on Vista , XP = ok at boot) ;

6. Tested HDD - no bad sectors , works perfectly on other motherboard ;

7. Tested with duall sided & single sided mem sticks Geil DDR 800 and TwinMos 533 in Duall Chanell or Single Chanell mode - same errors

8.Tried with WD 250 GB & Seagate 200 GB Sata II NCQ - same errors


10. I removed the motherboard from the pc case an ran the sistem on wood table

My sistem is - Core Duo E6300 1.86 Ghz ,
Gigabyte 965P-DS3P rev 2.0
mem Geil 2 x 1GB DDR2 6400 CL5
Galaxy 7600 GT 256 MB
DVDRW 1608 P3S
Power Source Enermax Liberty 400 W
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  1. Try a new cable. Otherwise you might want to RMA that board.
  2. Have you tried swapping SATA cables?
  3. Do you have the voltage of the CPU and memory correct?
    Do you have the FSB and memory ratio correct?
    I had to manually enter the correct values on my motherboard.
    Your system may not be fully stable until these values are correct.
  4. i tried a diferent cable , i think ill RMA tis board
  5. i tried every possible setting in BIOS - nothing works
  6. Today i bought Corsair 2x 1 GB 6400 C4 Corsair and problem soved :D !

    Now everything works ROCK SOLID @ OC CPU 3.2 GHZ 458 FSB :D
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