what do you guys think of Ibuypower.com?, i know its will be a little more expensive but i dont know how to build a PC. It seems pretty detailed and beats the mess out of dells selection. what do you think?
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  1. www.newegg.com

    newegg is the best.
  2. You may think its a good deal looking through there.. but let me give you some first hand experience... I ordered a new C2D machine from them with Raid 0.. It came 2 weeks later, with the wrong case, the Raid wasnt detected, and to top it off the wiring job they did was horrendous.. (It would have taken 3-4 weeks to return and get another one btw..)

    All in all.. its a waste of money.. I had never built a computer before but after that happened I bought a new case from a local place and moved it all over to that, and installed my own (better) cpu fan and Raided the drives (decided later to Un-Raid them).

    So take it from me... do the little research and put one together yourself.. You'll be much happier :D
  3. Oops.. :oops: Upon investigation I bought my piece of crap from Cyberpowerpc.com.. not Ibuypower.. but its the same type of company so i would stick with building your own..
  4. A good review here or in short, stay away from em!

    And some reviews of other companies, they review the whole buying to support after experience not just the computer.
  5. wow, thanks guys im glad i didnt make that mistake, but are there any reliable website for building PCs? thats not dell?
  6. It's hard to address your needs because you haven't described what you're looking for in a PC. Builders do it themselves so they can tweak each and every component in the system and because it's good to know what's IN the system when you are troubleshooting or OCing. If you are relatively new to computers in general, don't worry about it and buy one from Costco - you will get a relatively good deal on your machine and great warranty support from Costco. If you REALLY want to customize, you can try Alienware, Falcon Northwest or Voodoo PC to name a few (not sure on their reputations, though). Personally, I'd suggest you build it yourself if you have the time and inclination because you will learn something in the process and you will be able to fix your machine when you are done.
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