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Scandisk+start problem

Last response: in Windows 95/98/ME
September 6, 2001 10:55:16 AM

Dear all,

I have a problem and I can't find the solution.
Once in every 5 times (more or less) that I start my PC and before getting in to Win98, the dos scandisk utility starts as if the Pc was not shutdown properly (although it was!!).
After that Win98 runs everything is OK, but at the scandisk.log I often read the message that the free space was reported incorrectly and the scandisk has fixed the problem, or (fewer times) that the #2 copy of the FAT was out of date and scandisk has replaced it and fixed the problem.
All that happens only when I start the PC which has been shutdown many hours ago and never after a restart.

I tried to run the Win setup or even formatting the disk and reinstalling Win98 but the problem persists.

One or twice after booting the system I found that the autoexec.bat has been corrupted but I replaced it with a copy and no problem.

Are there any ideas?

System configuration:
T-Bird 850, Asus A7V133, 256 MB RAM, 20GB WD BB HD,
Hercules Prophet II GeForce 2MX 400 32 MB,
SoundBlaster PCI 128, Pionneer 116 DVD

Please help!

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September 6, 2001 12:05:38 PM

That happened to me on my old computer. It was a Dell. I called their support line and they were unable to assist with the problem. They had thought a dll file was corrupted.
I resolved the problem with a hard drive reformat and a clean Windows install.
By chance are you using McAffy Anti-Virus software?
I switched back to Norton and I have not had any problems with WinME on my new PC (self assembled) and my laptop (Dell Inspiron 4000).
I always had trouble with the McAffy products and suspected it was the cause of the free space reporting error.

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September 10, 2001 7:59:29 AM

No, I am not using McAfee

I found that the autoexec problem was provoked by the SB128PCI stupid DOS drivers, which I uninstalled. Maybe that fixes the other problems too. We will see.