Very Slow 320Gb SATA 300 drive

I am using 2 x SATA 300 drives(not Raid) one is 320Gb and 1 is 400Gb, together with 1 x IDE drive 80Gb.

I used HD Tach to benchmark my system, and scored only 116 on Burst, and 49 on Average read

The OS is on the C drive - the 320Gb SATA. Does anyone know whats wrong?
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  1. seeing as how noone replied to this sooner, ill just say that thats probably close to where that hdd should score, since the interface currently has no impact on performance (no consumer hdd is fast enough to matter)
    (i selected the fastest 7200, and a 7200 that offers the same result as yours had)

    looking at the average read scores, the fastest 7200s score 64MB/s avg, with the slowest being 36MB/s avg, so that would put your 320GB hdd around middleground read performance for a current 7200s

    as far as burst, thats probably close to about right too, given the performance of the other 7200s in the interactive benchmark

    also, your hdd could have been heavily fragmented, or you couldve had heavy cpu usage during testing, as those will make a difference to an extent
  2. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to reply. At least now I know its about average, I wion't worry about it too much :)
  3. welcome :)
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