Login Failure to computer on network - Why???

I have 4 computers that are networked together using XP and Vista. On one of the computers (B), when I try and log into computer (A) thru My Network Places, I get a message that it is inaccessible, then Login Failure: Account currently disabled.

I think I know what the problem is, since it happens from another computer (C) as well, what seems to happen is that computer (A) has a account name and password, so from computer (C) , I first have to open Network Properties, locate the icon for computer (A), double click on it, then a box comes up to put in the account name and password. After I do I can access computer (A) from (C).

Unfortuneately when I try this from computer (B), I can not get it to open the password screen.
What am I doing wrong, and how can I remove the necesity to even enter the name and password for that computer.
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  1. The solution is to disconnect the network drives and map them using the option to reconnect at logon, entering a user name and password. The user name and password will be remembered next time.
    Is your firewall blocking access to other computers?
  2. If I map the drives, then am I mapping the whole drive, or just a folder, and when I right click the drive, it gives me an option to map, but where do you have the option to reconnect at login??
  3. You can map the complete drive or just a single folder.
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