Need a little guidance and input please...

Need a little guidance and input please...

My computer will be used for mostly everyday stuff, gaming not included (probably). I may do some video editing down the road. I don't plan on going w/ RAID or dual video cards. I probably won't overclock. I want to build a fast machine that will be good for a few years.

Here's what I know for sure on my build:

Case: P180
Power: CorsairHX 620w
Primary Hard Drive: Raptor 150gb
Data Drive: Seagate 7200.1
CD/ DVD Burner Drives: Not worried about (taking suggestions though)
OS: Vista
Monitor: Samsung 22" widescreen (226bw)
HSF: Arctic Freezer 7 Pro or Noctua
CPU: E6600 (waiting until April 22)

Here's where I'm getting stuck:

For the motherboard I've narrowed it down to Asus P5B Deluxe or Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 (I think, open to other suggestions).

Which RAM speed do you all feel I should go with? If I understand correctly, DDR800 is mostly for overclocking?
I was thinking of going w/ 2gb of Patriot or G Skil memory.

Then, with the video card..... I'm sure I want to go with EVGA 8800 GTS 320 mb. I can't decide which clock speed I should buy- 576MHZ or 500MHZ. Will it be worth it, for me, to get the faster video card in order to future proof my computer?

Thanks for any help & suggestions,
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  1. 667mhz ram is enough, and if you won't oc, 533 will do. But for the price diff, go with 667.
    If those mobos are your only options, you have to figure if you'll need firewire, which comes in the Asus, because that's the main difference between the two. And there is a $50 difference...

    75mhz won't futureproof anything. A pretty easy OC on a plain version will wack any factory overclocked card.
  2. Thumbs up for waiting for the price cuts.

    Overall, a good stable build. A few comments.

    Scrap the aftermarket cpu hsf. You don't need one. Use Intel stock cooler. Adjust cpu fan speed in bios if it's loud.

    Asus P5B Deluxe hands down.

    It really boils down to prices. If 1066mhz ram is cheaper than 800mhz one, get the cheaper one. Always. Make sure it's brand name.

    I think 8800 is overkill for a non-gaming pc. Sure you'll do video editing. As someone pointed out here, no video editing software takes advantages of 8800. 7600GT/X1650PRO would be the highest cards to get. My suggestion is to save the money from buying an overkill video card, & use that saving on buying a WD Raptor harddisk. It'll make a WORLD of difference. Especially to a non-gamer.

    A word to non-gamers: get a cheap video card & spend more on CPU & HDD.
  3. Quote:

    I think 8800 is overkill for a non-gaming pc. Sure you'll do video editing.

    Do you have a crystal ball?
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