Seagate 500gb VS Two Seagate 160gb

I'm building a Secondary Video Editing machine on a budget and I can't decide which combination of Hard Drives to get because I need them to be as quick as possible. I've been to my local pc retailer and with my budget I can either get 2x Seagate 160gb Barracudas with 2mb of Cache each in a Raid 0 Stripe or 1x Seagate 500mb Barracuda with 16mb Cache. Which combination do you think would be the best and does the huge difference in cache make a difference. Thanks :wink:
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  1. I actually have 2x 160GB 7200.7 Seagates in RAID0 (8MB cache though) and it is nice and speedy. For backup I have a Seagate 320GB 7200.10, however, and it keeps up with the RAID quite nicely with it's PMR. If you have older 2MB cache 160's, then I would opt for the newer 500GB drive.
  2. Hi,
    Ye, I wanted to have the raid but unfortunatly the only 160gb drives they sell have 2mb cache. I guess i'm going to get the 500gb drive. Thanks mate
  3. Where are you shopping? Newegg has Seagate 8MB 160 HDD's and Western digital has a 16MB cache version of 160GB HDD.
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