windows startup Extremely slow

when the windows XP screen comes up. and that blue bar that scrolls across the screen is going... well for some reason NOW it's taking like 14 Passes ...

previously it was taking maybe 4-5 passes at MAX what the hell happened?

Deff no spyware or adaware, ran multiple scans, with adaware, pestpatrol, avast and avg ... all updated as well...... when system finally is up it's fine, just this load process in the begining... also all startup items have been unchecked in msconfig months ago so i know that's not the problem.

Could the hard drive just be deterierating?
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  1. lol, you never know these days... they should have like a deterieration warranty lol

    ughh, idn...... i just recently did a clean Install not long ago at all and i barely have big apps on here...

    i can't wait to get a raptor! ughhh
  2. I have a Asus mobo and my computer seriously takes like 5 minutes to boot before the windows screen, once the window screen pops up it loads pretty quick but it takes awhile to get there, I tried using other hard drives, configuring the settings differently, changing boot orders, now im willing to bet im suffering from the same problem, maybe ill reinstall one day myself and see if it helps :O)
  3. I'm seeing that on my home computer. It took 13 seconds for it to boot when I first set it up. It takes about 30 seconds now.

    You might want to look at using a 3rd party HD defragger, then running Chkdsk for any problems there. But at 14 passes, it might not be the hard drive, unless something is getting going out but not showing other problems.

    You can also boot into Recovery console and run Chkdsk from there. I think you get a /fixboot option and a /mbr (master boot record for those who aren't aware and are reading). I ran the fixboot on my work laptop last night and it fixed my problems.

    I'd hit the XP Splash screen, then a black screen, sit there for about a minute, then it started working. IBM Updates fawked something up there.

    Definately look into running chkdsk with the /fixboot, /f, and I think there is a /mbr.

    There are other switches and another command out there to run in RC.. one that fixes up the file table and takes a while to run. Low level Defrag type thing.
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