new appliance suggestions needed. ips, gateway av, spam, etc

I'm needing to get a new internet security appliance. I've got to have gateway antivirus to scan http web pages, ftp, downloads from http etc, email and so on for viruses. content filtering with ability to select categories to block porn and other categories of web sites and keywords. bandwidth logging to tell you amount of downloaded for wan and lan in and out would be a plus. like 5gb, 34mb etc. intrusion prevention, spyware and spam protection.

Sonicwall is too slow when security is enabled. i have the TZ170W and when I turn on the IPS alone or anti spyware alone, I loose half of my connection. I have an 8mb download speed and with that sonicwall you only get 4mb download speed which sucks.

i have looked at symantec gateway security devices and they seem good. i have looked at Watchguard as well and they also seem good. Zywall is not going to work as i don't like them and have owned them before. i don't like linksys, or any of the soho ones.

Right now my 2 picks would be the Symantec Gateway Security 1620 or WatchGuard Firebox X Edge e-Series X20e wireless or wired only version of it.
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