Bad processor?

Ok, I have a computer that has started to have sudden reboot issues.

Ever since I got this computer it would sometimes turn on for a second, turn off, then come on when it cold boots (but not always).

Now it seems to be doing it constantly, on and off, on and off.

My first though was a bad power supply, so I tested it with a multimeter, and it was looking fine (good voltages on everything, about 12.3v on all the 12 v things, 3.03 volts on the 3 volt, 5.07 volts on the 5 volts). No fluctuations either.

So, I thought maybe one of the rails was getting overloaded, since everything but the cpu is going off of one 12v rail of 15 amps (my gpu doesnt use a pcie connecter, just draws off the bus), so I unhooked all but the bear essenstials, no change.

Then I tried switching from cpu plug 1 to cpu plug 2 (since they are on seperate rails) no change. I then left the cpu unplugged, and it turned on, and stayed on (as far as the power goes).

So then I thought bad cpu plugs on the ps? So I swapped in a 2nd power supply and the same thing happened, reboots with the cpu plugged in, stable without.

Here's the stats.

FSP 700w power supply (4 12 rails, 15 amps each, 1 for cpu, 1 for cpu2/pcie2, one for pcie1, and one for mobo/acces).

gigabyte p965-s3 (already rmad this, its looking like it wasnt the problem now...)

C2D e6300

2gb mushkin ram

74gb raptor

320gb samsung

2 lg dvd drives

1 floppy/cardreader

The 2nd power supply I tested was a 350 watt antec smartpower, with 25 amps on 1 12v rail.

It sounds to me like the processor is bad, since it happens with 2 mobos and 2 PSs.

I just wanted to get a second opinion before going through with an rma.

Sorry for the long post (but I'd rather post once and get all the questions answered) and thanks in advance for help.
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  1. no, i dont think it your processor, intel will have made them will, consider the last thing they want is bad publisity. It sound more like a problem with your mother board not delivering power proplery to the CPU.

    You could always try flashing the bios with a floppy or usb flash drive, but it might be rooted futher it the hardware, try sending it back the the retailer, and asking for your money back, or a replacement, froma different manufacturer of board.

    Hope this helps
  2. I did rma the board once already, and I flashed the bios to the latest version. Are there any settings in the bios that might effect it? (Like maybe turning off the autodetect voltage and manually setting what it should be?)

    I think its been over a month since I ordered all the parts, so I'm not sure if neweggs return policy will cover a straight return, but I might have to get in contact with them if that turns out to be the case.
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