returning tracking cookies(hijacked browser?)&HD spining

i have Asquared, adaware SE ,the cleaner(which never finds anything)
AVG,kerio PF. xp pro. always updated.

anyway, i got the computer from my sister. and when i got it i ran it for virusus and such, you just don't want to know the amount AVG found(10K). nonetheless, everyday, i run AASE twice (afternoon/night) and A2 once. AVG every other day. my problem: non stop tracking cookies and i can't get internet speed! from booting up fresh, i run CMD typed "netstat -n" and get many tcp addresses there are 4 columns.
1-proto -it showsTCP on all
2-local address- it shows different ip addreses
3-foregn address -more addresses.
4-state- shows "time_wait" . this status is when the net is off , but when on it shows "established".
there are around 14-20 lines of these shown.

my isp told me you have stuff trying to get out or in all the time and they are slowing your connection. AASE finds 7critical objects. i erase them and then in the morning i see the same amount more or less. A2 finds 5 or so once in a while. non stop day in day out.

the hard drive is spinning non stop. lately i had an AZESEARCH BAR which i removed from safe mode. i just don't know what to do...where to find these sh*ts that are hogging my internet and resources.

other then reformatting can anyone suggest something? where do i find these tracking cookies and how can i get rid of them once and for all!!!
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  1. check the settings on the adaware to search through everything... also try pest Patrol, it's an excellent app...

    you should deff find something with adaware even if it's just some comon cookies .... it should atleast come back with some sort of a result.

    msconfig/Startup.. disable stuff in there, stuff you don't want to bootup ..
  2. oh i forgot to add this...

    get a FIREWALL dude... lol

    manually control what goes in/out bound on your PC.

    Zone Alarm ... is a nice free one..

    go to add/remove programs.. and see what the hell's in there... sometimes those spyware craps load there and you can un/install them over there...
  3. oh i forgot to add this...

    get a FIREWALL dude... lol

    manually control what goes in/out bound on your PC.

    Zone Alarm ... is a nice free one..

    btw, thanks for the reply. i'll try the pest program.

    btw, i posted a firewall- KERIO PERSONAL FW.
    i hate zonelabs, and many on these forums do. they use to be the sh*t back then. but no more. i kept having to turn it off, from blocking everything. especially emule. i couldn't uninstall it fast enough. KERIO'S the bomb! it's a learning FW.
  4. yea whatever works for ya, ZA takes alot more tweaking to get it working right...
  5. Go out and download Microsoft's Antispyware Beta program.

    Under Advanced features, you can go in and start pulling out stuff from IE and such.. look at it, you'll see what I'm talking about. Disable ActiveX stuff, etc. You can disable everything from this program, then go in and take a look around. Haven't tried it in safe mode, but that's probably where you'd want to start.
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