Problem with Read Only in sharing and security, Please Help

As administrator, I've logged into my office computer, installed a new payroll program. But, when I try to access the program, I get a share violation. I've looked at the folder permissions where the program is at and "Read Only" is checked. Normally there's a green dot in the check box, but now there actually is a CheckMark. Whats the difference and how do I fix this. Thanks for any help you can give.

Win XP, SP2, all updates.
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  1. Need more details.

    What is the program trying to access when you start it?
    1) Network drive
    2) Local Drive

    What are the permissions of the user account?

    Domain or local workgroup?

    Where you checking Permissions? On a Windows Share or within the program itself?

    What kind of security are you trying to setup, so I can figure out who you're trying to keep out and let in.
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