533/667MHz compatibility general question

My laptop uses 2x 512MB DDR II - 533. Is it a safe assumption that it can use DDR II - 667?

If anyone can find out information on memory for the Packard Bell MV46-008 (or MV45-008) as the shop seemed to be confused with what type mine is, naming it an MV46-008, but lacking the ATI graphics like the 46 should have.

I'm assuming it can take 2GB RAM since it's already got 1GB RAM, plus its a Media Center laptop which is 'Vista Cabable' according to the lil sticker.

Intel Core 2 Duo Centrino T5200 @ 1.60GHz
1024MB DDRII-533 RAM
128MB Intel GMA 950/945GM
Windows Media Center SP2
£389 (was it a good purchase???)
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  1. Yes, the DDR2-667 will just be run at DDR2-533 speed, as all the RAM in the system needs to be run at the same speed.
  2. no no, i'd take all 533's out (2x512) and replace with 667s (2x1024) I wouldnt mix 533s with 667s. I'm just wondering if a laptop that came with 533s would run 667s.
  3. Certainly it should run them; what speed they are run at depends on the laptop. However, there can also be incompatibilities, so it's best to buy RAM from a vendor that guarantees they will work in your laptop or your money back.
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