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"When I press the "prt scr" button on my keyboard in order to take a screen picture I try to paste it into a program in order to save it so I can send it to my friends but nothing gets pasted. I have tried to use MS Paint, Photosohp Elements 2, and GIMP 2.2 but nothing works. I'm beginning to wonder if the print screen is even capturing anything. Is there anyway to tell. I've installed the keyboard's (Logitech wireless) software if that makes a difference. Thanks."

UPDATE: I downloaded a copy of the freeware application "Screenshot Captor" and in the preferences there's a section that allows you to reassign the keys used to take the various screenshots. When I press the "prt scr" button on the keyboard the application reports the button reports it as a scroll lock button. In addition, neither the scroll lock nor the pause break buttons are responsive. I'm thinking, at this time, that there might be something wrong with the keyboard. Is there anyone that might either shed some light on this or be able to verify that the keyboard, and not the software, is to blame.
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  1. What has always worked for me:

    Press Print Scrn button once.
    Open Paint
    Press Ctrl - V
  2. Quote:
    What has always worked for me:

    Press Print Scrn button once.
    Open Paint
    Press Ctrl - V

    Tried that. I've done the same thing with different programs in case it was a Paint problem. I suspect it's the keyboard. I'll probably borrow one from friend and test it.
  3. I tried many programs. I use uvScreenCamera.
  4. On my keyboard it is actually shift+print screen. I use this all the time at work to copy screens containing information that I paste into Lotus Notes then e-mail. We use Windows 2000 as our OS at work.
    I just tried doing a print screen of Excel and pasted it into Word. Worked like a charm and I'm using XP here at home.
  5. I'd say it's the keyboard. Actually, it's probably the keyboard drivers.
  6. You can also try CTRL+Print Sreen, to see if that works (captures active window only, so have a program open.) If that doesn't work, I would agree it probably a problem with your Logitech software not recognizing the print screen key.
  7." rel="nofollow">Screen capturind and video recording utility Try it 8)
  8. try Macromedia Captivate too.

  9. well, i am not quite sure but i think you can try a Windows screen capture tools - ACA capture PRo:
    it is pretty good to me, and i think it can help you out as well....
  10. following shortcuts should work for the screen capture
    left windows key + print screen
    left shift + print screen
    left alt + print screen
  11. In some keyboards, and I think this may be your case too, there is a [F Lock] key.

    And in the PrintScreen button is written like this :


    That means that if you lock the F Function (by default is on) this key will be [SysRq]. So you must unlock the F function before using this key so it will become [PrtScn].

    By doing so, your Fs keys will also change functions. Like F1 will be Help, etc.

    Oh, and also. You can try Irfanview to do some quick screenshots.
    It's freeware and if you ask me, very useful image viewer software.
  12. Try Techsmith's Snagit before trying a different keyboard.
    Free Software Downloads
    Email Notifier with auto-login for Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail
  13. Correct the MS ones have the f-lock key due to the additional functions. I have seen them on many different KB by different manufacturers (under different names). Turning that key on will turn off some of the additional "features" of said KB and restore their normal functions.

    No need to use third party applications for screen capture.

    If you need to capture more than one within seconds of each other. FREEWARE
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