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Okay this is what I want to do. I wish to tri boot between Fedora Core 3 Linux, Windows XP Home and Windows XP PRO. I already have FC3 and XP home installed and I have grub bootloader installed and it configured for both FC3 and XP Home. I can make another partition for XP PRO but I only want to test the install disk and dont have another HDD so this will be the 3rd OS on the same hard drive. I can post my grub boot loader info from linux if that would help.
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  1. Hi dear

    im not an expert in Linux, post it maybe i can help

    regarding the partitioning issue, I recommand to use Symantec's Norton PartitionMagic™ 8.0

    for more info. please visit the link below:
  2. Why would you want to boot both XP Home and XP Pro? Use one or the other... you don't need both... they are pretty much identical.
  3. All I can figure is then to convert pro to 64-bit. **shrug** But otherwise, yeah, why?
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