Hide and protect files on a removable drive? Help? Ideas?

Well I'm going to be in another room soon, and I need to somehow protect my external drive from others who want to see the info on it. Right now it's just a 300 gig external formatted in NTFS. I would like to find a program to hide files on it, but seeing that it's external, programs like this are hard to find.

I found one called Lockngo, but it doesn't support NTFS. I guess I could convert it all to Fat32, but I'd like to be able to use files over 4 gigs.

I've thought about possibly deleting the partition table, for one of the partitions, and keeping a backup of the partition table on a disk or somthing, but I've found this will often corrupt certain data files. Sorta like when you want to recover from a deleted partition.

I've scoured the net to no avail, and I'm hopin some security savvy individual will have the answer to my problem. So if anyone knows some cool app that will hide and encrypt files on an external hard drive formatted with an NTFS file system, please let me know.

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  1. How about enabling encryption on it?
  2. Well that's what I'm tryin to do, and in addition, hide the files. If your talkin about windows xp security and ownership stuff, that's deffinetly not strong enough. It's pretty much common knowledge how to surpass windows security.
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