instal problem.

i think this is the problem...

i have an 80gig hdd, but its decteing 10784mb of it....
says insufficent space to install 98, it needs blah blah92374987238947 amount...

I think its actually only detecting it as 1.0784mb..

its an 80gig hdd, and it comes up right in the bios!

so im trying ton instal 98 se on a computer so i can upgrade to xp...

blank hdd.

i get to the section where I run 98 in dos, and it ask to scan the system..

I hit enter...

it says system registery is being scanned..
then it locks up..

it says windows needs ____ sometimes it just says windows _____

no ___, those are just blanks...

I also get blocks of color, like red and yellow and random colors....I dont think this is the problem though....

brand new system..

amd 3500+
1gig ddr... (removed 1 stick of 512, for 98 compati. still didnt work)
80gig hdd
an8 ultra
some random crap pci vid card.

any help?
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  1. If your using an xp upgrade disk then just boot off the xp cd. When it checks for previous version of windows, put the win 98 disk in the cd drive and tell the xp install to look there. It will verify that you have a previous version of windows and continue on.
    No need to install 98 first.
  2. i try to run the cd, with a boot disk, and it tells me unable to run in dos mode...


    i think i know what the problem is..

    its dectected 1mb of my hdd...


    its an 80 detects it in bios, but not the correct size in fdisk...

    for some reason I think its detecting the damn floppy...


  3. turn the computer on and go into the bios. In one of the menus there is a selection to choose the first, second , and third boot devices.
    Set the cdrom to be the first boot device and the hd as the second.
    Insert the windows xp disk in the cd-rom. Save the bios settings and reboot. When the it says press any key to boot from cd, or something like that, press any key. This will boot off the cd and load the windows xp install.
    Once in the install you can delete any partitions on the drive on make new ones. Note this will wipe out anything that is on the drive.
    Make a partition however you like, at least 20 gig. You can make another partition from the rest of the drive later if you want once windows is loaded or just use all 80 gig for the partition.
    Install windows on the new partition.
  4. bah, i set the hdd up as a master on my main comp...used partition magic to format the drive and partition it...

    i install 98, get to the point where it says restart to complete..

    and it sits at the splash screen..

    restart mutiple times, still hangs...

    reinstall 98...

    still hangs...

  5. Do not... repeat... DO NOT install Windows 98. For the love of God, man, boot from the XP upgrade CD and install it as if you were installing the full version. It will prompt you to insert the Windows 98 CD as part of the upgrade check.

    You do NOT have to have Windows 98 installed first. In fact, it's better if you don't have it installed first.
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