XP does not see partition - imporoper shut down... Help!

For all I know, only thing that happened is that my 5 year old shut down the month old PC by holding the power button for 5 sec...

First it kept rebooting on startup, comes to XP Windows Logo, hangs there for a while then reboots. Kept doing this.

Went into Safe Mode - lists drivers as they load, last two are JGOGO.sys (googling that shows Gygabyte raid controller file), then giveio.sys (googling that shows speedfan freeware that I did have).
That's where Safe Mode hangs.

Booting from XP CD - Recovery mode, sees C: drive but not any files on it (NTFS), so useless.
Going into Install XP does not give me Repair, only install new, on HD with 300 GB free space - does not see my partitions at all. Only option is a dreaded F word - Format...

Now the best part (if I didn't see it I wouldn't believe it too), one of the posts somewhere said if issues with giveio.sys, 1st try to disconnect all USB periferials, then reset BIO to default (my E4300 was @ 3.0 Ghz).
All I did was disconnect my USB HP Printer and USB Logitech joystick. Now it will not even see my partition and start to boot, not in normal not in Safe Mode - if I tried to boot to HD, hangs after loading ACPI Controller (before it offers boot options), if I go to boot from CD, same options as before, sees HD but not my partition...
Reseting BIOS to defaults did not change anything, will not even start to boot from HD...

Any idea that will save me 30 hours of re-formating and rebuilding the system is greatly appreciated!!!
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  1. If you haven't done so, run the repair software from a Floppy from the hdd mfg. It may or may not require reinstalling Windows but from the sounds of it you'll be really lucky if you don't have to reinstall Windows. This is the advantage of having a smaller hdd for OS and programs and a large one for data storage, at least when this stuff happens you don't have to worry about losing data. You could also get a program like Acronis True Image that will copy your partition/drive to another hdd as a back up and it's best to do this backup on an external drive, Acronis tells you to remove one of the 2 drives when the process is done. It's probably worth the money to get a couple more hadd, which would be cheaper than laying the wire used to keep dogs in a yard around your computer and putting a collar on the 5 year old. :D
  2. My ОЕМ Seagate Baracuda never came with any sofware, I guess I could look for some software on their website?

    I tried:
    COPY D:\I386\NTLDR C:\
    BOOTCFG /rebuild

    But I fail on the last command, will not run.
    also seems it converted my partiotion to FAT?

    Any other ideas anyone?
  3. Partition Magic is a very good Disk management program. Allows you go create and resize partitions as well as convert Drive from FAT to NTFS among other things. What's really useful is it can all be done under Windows.
  4. I used it back in NT... How can I use it when I can't get into Windows - put this HD in another PC?
  5. You mention Gigabyte's RAID - if you're set up with RAID, bear in mind that any repair attempts must be done with the RAID driver loaded!
  6. Quote:
    I used it back in NT... How can I use it when I can't get into Windows - put this HD in another PC?

    You can create Floppy rescue disks with Partiton Magic but I don't know if you can install Partition Magic on more than one computer. You may be able to create them from the CD but don't know for sure. It really sounds like your hdds got screwed up and you'll have to use the Seagate software to repair them. You can download it from the Seagate website but be sure to download the DOS version, I've had to do this with Seagate drives in the past. The repair may involve formatting the drive. One of my grandkids recently had a similar problem and the software only formatted the partition with the OS on it so she didn't lose any data that was on another partition, I wasn't there when she did it so not sure precisely what she did, telephone tech support. If you have data you want to save, I'd try putting the drives in another computer and see if you can at least transfer the data before trying the repair. I'd definitely run the Seagate software and see what it says, it won't actually do anything without your OK.
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