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Hello, i just have a quick question here so hopefully someone could help. I have Windows 7 currently installed and i have the upgrade Cd next to me labeled " Windows 7 Home Premium (upgrade designed for windows vista )" So i upgraded a while back ago from vista, so my question is if i reinstall the cd will it give me a brand new system, wiped tottaly clean, free from any problems that i do now? Only reason why im asking is a family member of mine got a really bad virus and i cant fix the computer so i plan on wiping it, it could be good to becuase there is a lot of stuff on here i don't use. So will it wipe it totally clean? Thanks in advance
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  1. im only asking for clarification.
  2. understood, but this is really urgent i'm being rushed at the moment, and some clarification would be nice.
  3. If this is an upgrade DVD, I'm not sure it will allow you to install over top itself. You can try and see what happens.

    Worst case, you can delete all partitions off the hard drive and use the double install prcedure to get Win 7 back on there. You will still need a valid vista cd key for it to work. It's listed as option 4 here:
  4. i have a product key for windows 7 would it still go through you think?
  5. I've never tried using a win 7 key, but being it's an upgrade dvd, I'd be hesitant to try it. Use your vista key.
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