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I have a bit of a problem which I don't know how to resolve. I have done a search but none of the threads matches my predicament.

A few nights ago I was moving some folders around on one of my drives (not transferring them to a different drive) and just as the "moving folder" notification came up, the computer froze and had to be rebooted. After the reboot, when you left click on the folder in it's new location (it has moved from it's old location) it says the folder isn't accesable. If you right click on it, the properties say that the folder has 0bytes in it. Thinking that the files had somehow been deleted, I used a data recovery program to try to find them. When you look in the corrupted folder using the software, all the subfolders and contents show up. I tried the "undelete" function in the file recovery program, but it says that the files/folders haven't been deleted so there is nothing to recover.

It would seem that everything is still there, it is just that the corruption in the main folder means that I can't see the stuff underneath. The files are MP3 rips of some of my CDs (about 3Gb in total).

Someone on another forum suggested using the Windows disk check facility for this drive to see if this would correct the fault. I have tried this twice, it ran fine, but has not resolved the issue.

The software is XP Pro SP1. CPU P4. 2x200Gb NTFS drives.

Does anyone have any suggestions of where I go from here? It will be a real pain to have to rip everything again.

JimLin :)
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  1. I'm sorry not to have an answer to solve your problem, but did want to say that you should ALWAYS.......COPY........(not "move"). Then, when the copy is successful, you can delete the old location. Big lesson to be learned here.

    I've got one idea. Using F8, boot to a command prompt. Navigate to the location of your troubled folder and using dir, see if it shows the files? If it does, create a new folder in the root of that drive letter. Use cd(back slash) to reach there. Use md save_my_rips (make up any name you like) to create the new folder. Go back to the troubled folder and do copy *.* put the drive letter here(back slash)save_my_rips.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I haven't used F8 yet, but prompted by a post on another forum where I have this issue logged, I have tried navigating to the folder in DOS via a command prompt window and the folder returns an "access denied" error.

    I will try the F8 method tonight and report back. Another thing that has been suggested is deleting the folder and recovering the files using the data recovery program. I might be brave and try that over the weekend.

    I will bear in mind your advice the next time I have to move folders around!!

    JimLin :)
  3. Running Check Disk might be able to restore some data.. do a google search on "chkdsk" and you should be able to figure out how to use it..
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