How to stitch together RAR files and make application run?

Ive got (5) rar files for one application that I need to decompress and then somehow stitch together to get and run the application. Each rar file section has the a number followed by the word "PAR2" after it. Ive never used win rar and I dont know what to do after I use win rar to get this whole application to run. Does anone have any step by step tutorials to do this?

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  1. If you unpack the primary file first (it will have a 1 or even just a .rar extension), it will automatically unpack all the other files in sequence.
  2. Ok, one more question..Ive got 7 .rar files in front of me in the same folder and Ive got WINRAR 3.51 installed. Do I double click on just the first rar file in the folder or is there another way? I just double clicked on the first rar file and it just shows the contents unpacked now. Nothing else happened.
    Whats the next step? Thanks again.
  3. May have to unpack each one individually... I'm not sure. It all depends on how the files are named.
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