Overclocking Pentium D820. What should i need?

Hi guys hope you could give me a few suggestion and words in overclocking the pentium D820...

Im using Conroe865GV with PentiumD820 using standard lga775 heatsink fan, Coolermaster centurion 541 MATX case with standard 350 watts of casing.

The motherboard can specify the FSB frequency from 95-300 (200 is the auto FSB frequency). My question is, on what frequency can the proceesor handle using standard lga775 heatsink fan? Or if i need to replace a much better heatsink, what should it be?

Thanks guys!!
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  1. One of the probs with the D 8xx series is their power consumption/heat generation. i found that the stock cooler was barely adequate for the D 820 running at spec; i tried a couple of relatively inexpensive coolers, and didn't find a huge improvement in OC margin. So, that's the first thing that you'll need if you want to OC this processor - a good cooler. There are tons of OC'ing sites out there, some of which do good testing; perhaps start here: http://www.overclockers.com/articles373/p4sum.asp

    Next on the agenda is getting that heat out of the case. Your Centurion looks pretty good in that regard, if you've installed good fans in all of the holes.

    The next consideration is power; i'd say 350W will not be enough. There are lots of good 500W+ power supplies that are of reasonable (<US$40) cost. A lot of quirky spontaneous reboots while OC'ing can be tracked to inadequate power.

    Yes, when you start overclocking, things can get expensive quickly. For that matter, if you're just looking for a faster computer, you have to weigh the cost of the mods needed to OC the older setup vs. upgrading to a Core2Duo setup, which would be twice as fast right out of the box. But, i had fun putting together my watercooled D 820 system, which ran stably 24/7 doing video compression, FSB clocked at 270MHz.

    Whatever you do, good luck!
  2. Yeah many said coolermaster centurion 541 is not bad for building your own pc but looking for good cpu fans for OC makes me difficult because of the structure of the casing, once i tried the zalman CNPS9500 but i didnt fit for me unless ill remove the airflow cap on the side of casing.
  3. I Wouldn’t recommend OCing this CPU like Doc says the Temp is a huge issue with this one I have tried many things to keep it cooler and its a pain ill just sell it and get a core duo I was getting 42-47C idle and up to 70c under load so I bought a brand name CPU fan and i now get 35-40 idle and up to 50-60 under load i witch i think its still to much
    So I would get a water cooler with this or a very good CPU fan if you’r gonna OC this thing

    I’m just not gonna mess with this one on the OC part ill just get the core2 Duo and mess with that one :twisted:

    AMD 64bit X2 4600+
    1GB Kit HyperX DDR2 800MHZ
    Asus M2R32-MVP AMD 580X
    X1900XT 512MB
    WD 250GB SATAII 16MB
    SB Audigy 4 7.1

    Intel pentium D 2.8GB
    2 ATI X1600XT 256MB
    1GB Kit DDR2 667mhz
    Maxtor 250GB SATAII 16MB

    Who said one computer is enough?
  4. I have the same processor.

    it currently runs @ 3.36Ghz stable 45C on 100% load with a zalman cooler.
    so just try, raise the fsb slowly. maybe check the voltage, mine is 1.4 seems good.
    also check u have correct timings for your ram.

    loads of guides on the internet :)

    good luck = )
  5. I just put mine up at 3.3Ghz with the stock cooler and im at 51c on 100% load. I'm not worried about that temp, but i'm not gonna push it any higher with out replacing the lost parts for harnessing my zalman cnps9300. To me, the 3.3 is totally worth it. No need to push this hot cpu any further. I achieved exactly what I wanted to. Gave it just enough kick in the nadz to give the cpu new life after 3 years of factory settings. Increased the ram perfectly, increased the cpu frequency enough to get rid of any cobbwebs. My asus 1333-d667 made overclocking easy as pie. I am going to see if I can download driver support for my new q6600, becuase this board has never done me wrong! So, to sum it up, my thoughts on overclocking a pentium d: Overclock if you see a decrease in ram speed and trouble with full load. And do not go past 3.3 - 3.5 without adequate cooling. These suckers just cannot handle the heat without it. Good luck with your old processor! They can still get the job done! Now, my old nvidia geforce 8500gt is another story....................

    One more note about my mobo, asrock wolfdale 1333-d667: The motherboard will NOT let the user change the voltage to the processor (vcore)!!!!!! The best I can get for an actual clock rate is 3.3ghz, because the voltage is set to low for a clock rate to be set any higher!!! Dont buy this motherboard if you are trying to get past 10-11% overclock with your pentium d!
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