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can i ask on how to create a new user account and copy over the contents
of the Administrator account files to the new account.

hope to hear frm you soon.
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  1. Right-click on My Computer, and select Manage.

    In the window that comes up, look for a the Local Users & Groups folder, open it, and select Users. Under the Action menu, select New User.

    Fill in the details for this new user, and deselect the "User must change password at next logon" option (since you'll presumably be putting in the password that you want from the begining). Once the user is created, right-click on them in the window, select Properties, then go to the Member Of tab. Select Add, type "Administrators" in the text box, click Check Names (the text should change to COMPUTERNAMEAdministrators), then click Okay.

    Now, the new account is created, you just need to move the settings over. Log off your current account, then log in as the newly created user. When loading, log back out, and log in as an account that is neither Administrator or your new account, but that does have administrator privileges (you may have to create a second temporary account to do so). Go to C:Documents and Settings. you should see several folders there, in particular one labeled Administrator, and on labeled with the nam of your new account. Copy all the contents from the Administrator folder to the new account folder. When done, log out, then log in as the new user. Might take a little longer than normal as it'll check that folder in the background and clean up annomolies, but when complete, you should able to work with the new account just like it was the Administrator account without noticing a difference.
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