LAN Network connection "limited or no connectivity&quot

I connect to the Intenet using dsl and XP Home. After connecting to the Internet, the icons in my lower taskbar show two things:

1-the dsl connection icon shows connected and its speed.
2-the LAN connection next to the above icon show a yellow exclamation point over the two computer icon, meaning limited or no connectivity.

How do I correct the exclamation over the 2nd icon or can it be disabled and still maintain my dsl connection?

Thank you.
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  1. make sure that you got DHCP enabled in your network properties under TCPIP. If you do go into your cmd line and do an ipconfig /release and then and ipconfig/renew. that releases your ip address and renews it. let me know if that worked
  2. Do you have a router in this mix?

    If you have a router, you should be obtaining a IP from the Router, your router should be getting it's IP from your ISP. In which case, your cable is probably bad.

    If you don't have a router, there is a good chance your cable may be damaged. Try replacing the cable and trying again.

    There is also a somewhat recent virus, within the last 2-3 months, that causes your network connections to stop working.

    First, I would replace the cable and test that. Also, make sure you're set to DHCP, which is defaulted generally in Windows, unless you changed it at some point.
  3. There is no router.
  4. Did you read the whole thing?

    Did you try a different cable?
  5. How do you connect to your DSL modem? by Ethernet cable or USB or wireless? If it is wireless then your modem has router built-in, and you shouldn't be worried about the LAN connection (you can disable it by open Network connections, right-click Local Area Connection, choose Properties and clear the check box Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity).
  6. Or you can simply manually assign an IP address to the NIC... that will help your boot time as well.
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