BFG 8800GTS 320mb OC and OC2 in sli, will it work?


am buyin a BFG 8800GTS 320mb OC2 (only coz i cant find anywhere in the UK that have the OC in stock), and a guy in work has the BFG 8800GTS 320mb OC and i was wondering would we b able to try them in SLI? i know to run cards in SLI they have to b identical but the only difference between them is the clock speeds right??


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  1. anyone?
  2. As long as it's any 8800GTS 320mb cards, SLI will work.
  3. Quote:
    You could run them but the OCed card will drop to the speed of the slower card. You won't, to my knowledge, be able to OC the slower card to match then run them in SLI.

    Correct, you will be able to run the two cards in SLI from different manufactuers as long as it's the same GPU. I used two run two 7900 GT's, both factory OC'ed to different mhz, one from eVGA, the other from XFX.

    Yes, you will be able to OC both cards back to the faster OC (or higher) as long as the slower card can handle it. When you first install the cards the OC2 card will scale back to stock speeds to match the slower card. Just use RivaTuner or ATITool to clock them back to the OC speed.

    Edit: Should have added that you can only use ATITool to OC for the moment if you're using Vista. But you may have already known that...
  4. thanks so much for the info!!! cant wait till i get it!!! and i didnt know u cud sli cards from different manufactures. ahh u learn sumfin new everyday!!

  5. so i could add a eVGA 320mb 8800gts superclocked to sli with my BFG oc2 320mb 8800gts? sweet.

    which one is better though of those 2. some ppl in another thread called the superclocked evga the eVGA version of that BFG oc2 card but the specs seem slight better on the BFG.

    i guess its ideal to use 2 of the same though as the faster card will scale back to the slower card like someone said but those 2 should be similiar i just think the bfg might be slight better

    speaking of specs why were saying you only got the BFG oc2 cus they didnt have the oc. The oc2 has some fairly siight but significant better specs over the bfg oc version and where i got it was the same price so a no brainer.

    some say the evga 320mb 8800gts superclocked is same as the bfg oc2 but specs of the bfg oc2 seem slight better and i feel the evga step up program is useless as there are too many restrictions, can only do it once and only within 90 days and usually they find a reason to not let you do it.

    if you got it as part of a pre built system you cant. I would have ordered my vid card separately but the the company building my pc (yes i was lazy and have a baby on the way and $39 was more hten worth it to have them professionally build prob better then i would have and also test it all) is putting in my vid card too. that i could have got sep like idid the ram and put in myself.

    maybe should have done that and got the evga 320mb superclocke 8800gts just for the chance that i actually made use of the step up program but would only be worth it for a 768mb 8800 as the 640mb isn't really any beter then the oc'd 320mb's

    then late r been able to ge ta second 768mb maybe for a killer future proof gpu setup.

    now i'll be stuck with 320mb to sli but maybe 2 oc'd 320mb's will be almost as good as a 768mb 8800gts?

    might just do another bfg 320mb oc2 8800gts if i ever sli, or the evga superclocked one but not only do i think that might have a few slight lower specs, i wont be able to make use of the step up program cus i can't sli a 320mb 8800gts with a 640mb one.
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