How do I convert a pdf file to Word file ?

I have Adobe Acrobat V.7.0 Professional software.

Can I use it to convert a pdf file to a MS Word file ? If yes, can you please tell me how ?

If no, then how do I convert it to word ?

Also Can I conver a Word file to pdf file using Acrobat 7 Professional ? If yes, how ?

Thank You Much
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  1. I know you can convert to .pdf from Word... just open the document in word and print to the Adobe Acrobat PDF in your list of available printers. As for .pdf to Word doc... I'm not really sure.

    Depending on what version of Word you're using... you should have an Adobe PDF menu. You can use that for all your conversion needs.
  2. I don't know that you can. Usually PDFs are images of the text, not the text itself. I just checked the Acrobat 5.0 we have here and it doesn't let you. Hmm, it does let you export to a postscript file, which may be importable by another tool... Just a WAG, but its something.

    As a workaround, print it, scan it, OCR it.

  3. I have Acrobat Pro 6.01 and it lets you edit text as words.
    You can copy/paste from pdf to other docs, so I suspect you could convert to word.
    Also you can save out images imbedded into pdf docs and save them out as native images or other formats.
  4. Quote:
    I don't know that you can. Usually PDFs are images of the text, not the text itself.
    No, it should be possible. PDFs are metadata, in other words, both images and text. This allows you to select text to copy.

    So theoretically there should be some way to convert a PDF document into a Word document. The real question is if anyone has ever written anything to do this. :o
  5. Okay, my freeware Adobe reader lets me save the PDF as a text file. If you don't mind losing all of the images and formatting information and just need the text content, this isn't too bad. Of course it isn't too great either.

    Next is an option in the reader to Copy File to Clipboard. This, of course, is buggy and when I paste it into Word a lot of the formatting is wrong. (Which is funny since I know the PDF file I'm using as an example was originally written in Word.) Of course, some of the formatting is right, so it should at least save some time over saving it as a text file. And, of course, none of the images are copied either, so if you want those, you'll have to printscreen them in or something.

    Third is good old select all, copy, paste. Incidentally, this happens to do exactly the same as Copy File to Clipboard. :roll: So no luck there.

    Last is Google it. I can find a number of utilities that claim to do this, but everyone wants their piece of the pie for them. Maybe one has a free trial that isn't too bothersome.
  6. In order to create a Word document out of a PDF, the PDF must have been created via Word originally. If you scanned a paper document, you can't do it. If you created a PDF through Distiller or Adobe Acrobat, you can convert it back.

    There is an option with Acrobat that will convert it back, it might even be as simple as a File Save As in v6/v7.
  7. Well so it can... :oops: I must've only checked scanned pdfs or something. Open the right pdf, and viola! (spelling? :oops: )

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