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I have a question regarding my computer which acts up when Outlook
> express and Internet Explorer is opened together.Since I have
> installed the high speed internet through Bell,after I check my
> emails with Outlook expressand then use Internet explorer it shows
> that it has automatically gone "work offline" mode. It almost looks
> like there is a relation between the 2 Microsoft programmes.Yet when
> I browse with Firefox its all fine. Please let me know whats
> happening and how I can fix it.
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  1. Uncheck the "work offline" option.
  2. is this a dsl connection? There might be an option in outlook to disconnect after checking email. I am at work and dont use outlook express or I would check.
  3. There is an option to "Hang up when finished checking" somewhere in there... can't remember exactly where. It will only work for dial-up or PPPoE connections IIRC.
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