Looking For some help :(

8O Hello Everyone!!

I'm pretty new to the cutting edge scene and i recently decided to make a BIG upgrade. I spent about 4000 dollars and it seems to have brought me nothing but problems.

I made the mistake of not putting the PC together myself and had the "techies" put it together for me. BIG MISTAKE.

The day it was ready for pickup i went there and was talking with the techs They had it powered on and running. I shut it down opened the case and immediately noticed the CPU fan wasn't plugged up!!!!! I was like WTF LOL. Anyhow ive had it back in there to try to get them to configure my bios and i haven't had any luck. They had linkboost enabled (which has been removed by nvidia in the P26 Bios Update) and it was causing alot of problems with games and whatnot so i finally decided to take my own path to fixing my very expensive paper wieght.

I've read the motherboard manual and am ready to get some things set up and running correctly but i need some help guys!!! I've read the nvidia 680i board has had some "growing" pains and that is understandable but for 4000 dollars im beggining to wonder if it was all worth it?

Heres my system config.

Cooler Master CM Stacker 830
Evga nForce 680i SLI Motherboard
Pc Power And Cooling 1000W Power Supply
2 X WD Raptor 74GB 10000 tr/min
1 seagate 750 GB (Storage)
Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 2.66 GHZ
GIGABYTE G-Power Pro CPU Cooler
2 BFG 8800 GTS OC GPU1 65c GPU2 70c
Corsair Twin2X2048 8500 C5
Creative Fatality X-FI Extreme Edition
Logitech® Z-5450 Digital 5.1 Speaker System
Dell 3007WFP (30 inch 2560-1600)

3d mark 06 Score 13000

I can provide pictures of my bios Config if anyone can give me any information i would greatly appriciate it!


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  1. People here will need to know precisely what you need help with.

    Are you recieving errors? What kinds?

    EDIT: If you're just looking for help configuring BIOS, I'm pretty sure people here can help with that. Again though...exactly what are you trying to accomplish and are there any errors associated with what you want?
  2. Thanks for the fast reply!!!

    Im asking for help configuring the BIOS. I just cleared my cmos and am starting fresh. I can upload pictures of my bios is neccesary.
  3. That would help.

    In the meantime, get the date/time set, boot order of devices, sleep off, all that stuff.

    Then turn off all the crap like C1E, Speedstep, Virtualization, etc.

    Read this article. I know it's for overclocking, but it'll help you turn off some crap you don't need, etc. Where it would say to manually change the settings to overclock (like timings, volts, etc) you can just leave them Auto. It has some pics too to get you started:
  4. You're welcome for the reply.

    I don't any experience with the BIOS on your board. I don't own that board. But this much I CAN tell you, you probably want to disable whatever you don't need. For example, I don't have anything that uses LPT or Serial ports, so I always turn them off. I don't have more than 1 SATA drive, so I usually turn off any extra SATA ports I can.

    Hopefully someone will reply that has more in-depth knowledge of your board.
  5. Skyguy- Hey thanks. I went ahead and disabled alot of the CPU settings such as...

    PCIe Spread Spectrum SPP - disabled
    C1E Enhanced holt state - disabled
    Intel Speedstep - disabled

    I think i found something interesting. My memory is set to 1066 and its nhz is 1000 i have the TWIN2X2048-8500C5 Ram are theese settings correct?

    I think my main problem here is the bios needing to be configed

    if anyone has any more information for me i would greatly appriciate it.

    Kitchenshark- thanks for leading me in the right direction. Im sure someone here will see this and be able to help. Ive read a TREMENDOUS amount of problems for this board but they all seem to be fixed with the recent bios updates. Still concerned though :(
  6. I know this may be obvious, but do you have the most recent BIOS?

    You should also make sure you RAM is running within spec, that could cause serious problems if it's out of spec and not stable.

    I don't have the 680i board, sorry, so I can't comment on specific. I'm talking generalities that apply to all mobos though.
  7. Skyguy- YES of course i have the new bios. If not im sure this thing wouldnt even run lol....

    I think what i am coming across is a ram instability issue. Ive been doing alot of research but im not sure what to do. Some people say running the ram at 800mhz fixes alot of instability issues even after the p26 bios update.....
  8. like Skyguy said, set the RAM to listed spec and run Memtest+ and let it run for 6 hours. That will tell you RAM or not RAM
  9. Ya, I'm just trying to narrow the options down. Finding comp problems is often a simple trial-and-error thing. You start with the obvious (temps, drivers, BIOS, RAM, etc) and then go from there.

    Like Al said, run Memtest, see what happens. You'll know the next morning if there's errors. If so, there's your problem, not the mobo or BIOS. If no errors, then we move onto the next possible culprit......

    Sorry, my crystal ball is currently cracked and on hiatus.... ;)
  10. will do running memtest tonight. Im actually getting some good feedback over at the EVGA forums. Hopefully i can figure this out i hate spending a BUNCH of money and not being satisfied you know? lol
  11. Yea I know what you mean......my wife reminds me of that all the time LMAO :lol:
  12. ROFL!!!!!!
  13. Alright guys i passed mem tests 1.70 ALL night LONG. So im certain i do not have "BAD" ram....

    I got a couple tips from some people over at the evga forums and they have helped me with some of the problems but not all. When i play stalker it runs fine and then all of the sudden it just BOGS down and get extreamly CHOPPY. Its rediculous. This system has 2 8800gts's in it...

    Can anyone help me?
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