Best RAM for new system

New system specs are:
E6600 or E6420 (when it comes out), Gigabyte DS3, evga Superclocked 8800 GTS.
System use is mainly university stuff, some heavy applications now and then and games.

I want to get some 2gb 800mhz ddr2
Options are (not US prices):
- Corsair Dominator CL4 @ 400$
- OCZ CL3 @ 400$
- OCZ CL4 @ 300$
- Some Kreton\LD CL5 @ 200$

My question is how important CL is to this setup, and what would be the difference in performence.

Thank you
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  1. The money would be best spent elsewhere. It might be worth it on an AMD system, but for core 2 duo it makes for a truly pathetic increase in real world apps.

    Read this pithy summary from Anandtech:

    Get the cheapy OCZ, if I were you. It is important that the memory is stable.

    I nicked the link off this other thread which you might find useful:
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