formatted laptop, now windows won't install


Please help!

I have just formatted a “Toshiba Satellite A30-921” using windows xp cd
Go through the loading process delete old partition and start to install a fresh copy of windows.
Copies all the files to the windows installation folders, gets to 100% and says, computer will re-boot in 15sec,,,
When the laptop reboots, it starts back at the original point for windows setup and starts loading the same files AGAIN!
And I can never get past the formatting stage..
Someone said to remove the win xp cd at the reboot stage but then I just get a black screen and every so often a message:
pxe-61 media test failure check cable
when I put xp cd back in it just starts to load the same files all over again!

I have tried changing the boot sequence but it dosn't make any difference!

Please help as I think im going mad and missing something simple!

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  1. I thought it was something simlpe, "try disabling the network and enableing HD Boot". Don't why it was disabled inthe first place!

    Does anybody know what are the essentil drivers i need from the ToSh website?

    usb 2
    MBoard drivers??
  2. After Windows loads, go to the device manager and see what devices have missing drivers. Those are the ones you'll need from the Toshiba support website. You'll likely need mobo, graphics, sound, modem, and LAN drivers at the very least, depending on the configuration of the machine. Drivers found at
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