Wireless options???

First of all wireless noob here.

I have just purchased new pc's for myself and son (only 10-his first, he's been saving for a long time). Most importantly at this time I am interested in gaming with him (Diablo/Ages of Empires etc) while him having a internet connection is second. Currently I have cable and the modem is near my main pc while his will be upstairs. What is my best options here? I'm guessing 802.11g that is upgradeable to the upcoming super g that I've read about in here? And what brand would be the easiest for me to install myself. I guess I'd rank ease of install and performance ahead of cost in deciding.

Thanks for any help that you can provide!
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  1. If you can run a cable, run a cable.
    Otherwise, the x.11G standard should work. It comes down to what the wireless signal has to travel through. It's commonly overlooked now because people don't seem to have this problem as much, but it's still a problem. If it's just going through the ceiling to a computer above it, it s hould work. If you're trying to hit a computer on the 2nd floor, across the house so the signal has to pass through 5 walls, a refridgerator, etc. etc. the signal probably won't make it.
    Happen to have a wireless phone for your house? It's not really a scientific test, but try putting that where the wireless would be and using the phone from where the wirelessly connected computer would be. You'll get an idea of how well signals can travel through your house.

    Wireless shouldn't be too hard to setup if you have a few minutes to walk through and check the settings. The only downfall to wiring is running the cable and drilling any holes. Wireless sounds like a good option for you though.

  2. Suggestion:

    Wireless G. Linksys router with WPA. I wouldn't worry about signal strength. If you do encouter problems, you can purchase a larger antennae. Make sure you USE the security that comes with it, to the fullest extent. If you'd like help securing your wireless network, let me know and I'd be happy to help. Private message me. =)


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