another port fwrd problem. LS WRT54G not forwarding

i know how to port forward but had no results on this wifi network so i followed the listed tutorial just to confirm things. Utorrent is not hte only thing i'll be forwarding, but between following this tutorial and setting up a static IP, whenever i run port tests ( or from port detective program it never says i've successfully opened a port.

what's the deal? any help is appreciated. i don't have any firewalls running and the router is connected straight to rogers cable.


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  1. Make sure you have the latest firmware. After applying/saving fw rule. reboot and see it it takes.
  2. Are you also opening a port in your Windows (or other Software) Firewall. You're Router may have the port open but your computer may not.
  3. i have added that port to the list thru windows firewall. i've set it to 'off' previously and it was that way still. nonetheless i added the port and reran the port test which still said there was an error and that it didn't seem open.


    thanks for the suggestion tho. as simple as it was, that was the first i'd thought of it.
  4. A lot of ISP's block specific ports. Have you checked with yours?

    Does it work with out the router?

    A friend of mine has a Linksys model I don't recall used for is phone. His will not open up any ports. I think Linksys has limited the hardware to a min that a lot of function is lost, since moving away from Linux firmware.
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